Lucknow Cantonment Board is responsible for overall sanitation of the Lucknow Cantonment such as garbage lifting, waste disposal, cleaning of drains, toilets, PGLs, public roads & various public places. In order to provide a clean and safe environment, dustbins are placed at suitable locations and the waste is collected mechanically from there for disposal. The Board is also maintaining Sewer Jetting machine, 04 Tippers, several tractor and Road Broomer of its own and other machines like JCB, Super Succor etc. are engaged through outsourcing agencies. The Sanitation department function under the direct supervision of Sanitary Superintendent. His office is located at the main office of Cantonment Board. There are two Sanitary Inspectors for supervising duties of sanitation staff.

Lucknow Cantonment Board is implementing guidelines issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs under Swachh Bharat Mission. Regular cleaning drives with public participation are being encouraged.

Their services rendered is as follows:-

1.Cleaning of roads and streets

2.Collection and removal of garbage from dustbins.

3.Clearing and desilting of drains

4.Maintenance of public latrines

5.Clearing of bushes in public area

6.Maintenance of garden. Planting of saplings to improve greenery in the Cantonment.

7.Removal of dead animals

8.Maintenance of cattle pound for preventing wandering of cows in streets

9.Implementing Animal Birth Control for stray dogs in Cantt. area

10.Spraying insecticides like anti-malaria/dengue etc.

11. Inspection of eating establishment

12.Removal of building materials kept without permission and demolition of unauthorised construction/erection of hut and construction of Building.

13. Issue of DOG Licenses

14. Collection of garbage from the refuse bins in army and civil area

15. Cleaning of septic tanks of latrines in civil and army area

16. Inspection of shops of merchants of food grains, vegetables, fruits selling eatable items country/foreign liquors and intoxication drugs, medicines and other trades in cants area.

17. Catching of stray cattle

18. Release of seized items/goods/vehicles belonging to unauthorized squatters.